Course Summary

Just getting started? The Foundation course gives you everything you’ll need for now.


Course Content

Importance of Sleep and its impact on overall health:

  1. Sleep Architecture.
  2. Sleep Disorders
  3. What is dental sleep medicine, the expanded role of dentistry in Sleep medicine
  4. Pathophysiology, causes and consequences of untreated Sleep Disordered Breathing


Screening and assessment in dental practice:

  1. Identifying the problem
  2. Focused history taking and examination
  3. Validated questionnaires
  4. Sleep tests


Management options:

  1. Treatment options
  2. BSDSM Protocol, medico-legal guidelines
  3. NICE Guidelines


Mechanism of Action of oral appliances:

  1. Appliance selection
  2. Predictors of treatment success


Analogue and Digital impressions:

  1. Bite registration techniques
  2. Fitting, titration and trouble shooting


Learning Objectives

Learning Objectives, upon completion attendees will::

  • Understand the physiology of healthy and unhealthy sleep
  • Understand the nature and complexity of Sleep Disordered Breathing (SDB)
  • Appreciate the presentation and co-morbidities of SDB
  • Be able to identify screen and assess those at risk of SDB
  • Be able to practice within medico-legal boundaries and select the correct oral device for the patient
  • Be able to work within an MDT framework