Dentist can certainly help identify those millions who cannot get a good night sleep and who can be fast tracked onto the road of recovery.British Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine

Stats that keep us awake at night

1 billion people worldwide are estimated to suffer from sleep apnea

In the UK, 85% of sufferers are undiagnosed and untreated - a frightening thought.

In the US, that figure is only marginally better at 80%

There’s a massive opportunity for trained dentists and hygienists to treat patients.

That’s where we come in

What We Do

Understanding. Innovating. Applying. Teaching.

The British Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine is a global leader in the treatment of Sleep Disordered breathing, Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction and Orofacial pain.

We started by understanding the issue deeply and gathering some of the world’s greatest minds on this subject.

The academy took shape as we started innovating outdated practises and ensuring our protocols are evidence-based and highly effective.

Next, we started applying our techniques and findings into real life treatment scenarios. The data from these experiences have been invaluable.

Finally, and this is where you come in, we’ve compiled everything into courses so that we can start teaching you everything we know. It’s about passing on the baton to push our industry and your career forward.

Next Steps

The BADSM Mastery Program is our ultimate prize. It’s a comprehensive, clinically-focused and evidence-based academy for ambitious dentists who want competence and confidence. Your journey to becoming the best practitioner you can be begins here.

We’d like to thank the wonderful individuals, companies and organizations who make our program possible. Our partnerships combine their funding with our expertise so that we’re able to make major advances in dental sleep medicine and elevate both practitioners and patients.


The nature of our industry is such that new findings and interesting pieces of research arise all the time. We’ll use the Resources section of our website to keep the wider community informed with thought pieces and general updates around dental sleep medicine. 

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