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We’ve worked meticulously to create a curriculum that will empower dentists with the latest DSM findings and equip them with the confidence to apply their new knowledge in their practices.

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We’ve separated our content into three chunks so that you can pick according to your current level of understanding.


Essentials of Dental Sleep Medicine. Seminar and Training Workshop for Dentists sponsored by companies associated with BADSM


Just getting started? The Foundation course gives you everything you’ll need for now. Click the button below to read the full list of topics covered.

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Now that you’ve laid the foundations, you can choose which advanced modules you’d like to take. Click the button below to reveal the list.



The Masterclass combines 10 advanced modules with additional material. Plus, you’ll take a written examination at the end and receive accreditation. 

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An expert session with Prof. Bhik Kotecha, Dr. Aditi Desai and guest Dr. Marc Benton as they review the recent NICE OSA Guidelines, the increasing role of alternatives to treating OSA and their real-world experience with NMES in OSA (eXciteOSA). 

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This meeting aims to explore the big known unknowns of sleep medicine and the possible avenues that may be pursued in future research.

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