Introducing Signifier Med Technologies, our Diamond Sponsor

Signifier Medical Technologies strongly believes that it takes a multidisciplinary team to screen, assess and treat patients with individualised solutions tailored not just to the illness – but to the patients’ needs. The BADSM is also unique in many ways by discouraging dentists, through education, from treating patients for what is a medical condition without reference to a medical colleague.

SomnoMed have worked with Dr Aditi Desai for many years in the UK and here’s what they had to say:

“Our colleagues abroad often seek her opinion and teaching skills to help within their markets too. We have great respect for her excellent work in promoting Dental Sleep Medicine to all clinicians interested in providing the best service to their patients. Dr Desai’s breadth of knowledge is immense and she passionately believes DSM is an important tool for tackling Obstructive Sleep Apnoea. Her desire to ensure her colleagues are as well versed as they can be in DSM is why she resulted in her hard work to create the Academy.”

You can visit their global website here: